PEAK Custom Services
PEAK Outdoors Custom Products and Services
Here at PEAK Outdoors we own our own fabrication equipment and assemble all our products
on site.  This gives us the resources and flexibility to offer custom products and services.  We
can do machining (both milling and lathe work, we have a mill that will accept work pieces as
large as 84" x 40" x 30"), sheet metal work (both sheering and bending), plasma cutting, MIG
and TIG welding (including Aluminum) and powder coating.  We can also provide custom
design services.  These capabilities uniquely position us to provide boat, trailer or other
repairs, custom designs and modifications for your boat, trailer, camper etc, or if you have an
idea for a new outdoor product let PEAK provide you a quote for fabrication and/or contract
manufacturing services!
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Poling Platforms:
PEAK Custom Poling Platforms
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